It does not really matter if you are residing afar, just visiting or living permanently in Hawai'i. These are the important things to consider: Would you enjoy a journey into slack key guitar or ukulele? What about the time and commitment you will have to undertake? Do you have a strong desire, devotion, determination to learn some basic skills? Would you set aside quality time to practice daily? Would you like to move onto the next level?

The answer to learn lies within each person. I would be happy to be a guide if you want to embark on a such a journey.

Just Sharing...

An Old Playing Style of
Slack Key Guitar [Ki Ho'alu]
Yameen Fong

It's always a joy in sharing an old style of slack key guitar.

I learned some basics in the Namakelua style from slack key master Mr. Ronald J. K. Loo at Kamehameha Schools' community education program in the early 1980's. Many people have since helped me in my music journey. It is a blessing to cherish and share this nahenahe (soft and sweet) music.

Slack Key (& Ukulele) Classes for the Beginners:
Weekly on Thursday mornings at Ewa Mahiko District Park.

Private Lessons: Email please for information.
Ukulele & Slack Key Guitar Classes:

Spring 2018 at Ewa Mahiko Park 
Thursday Mornings: 8 weeks
Start date: January 25,2018
Phone 681-8315 for registration

9.00 to 10.00 Beginner Slack Key Workshop --- by Yameen Fong ... Learn the basics: picking, timing, singing, tuning and tablature ...

10.15 to 11.15 Beginner Ukulele Hawaiian Ensemble --- by Moana Garcia  ... Learn the basics in ukulele, and the dynamics in playing ukulele, guitar and bass together ... 

$10.00 for class materials

Need more Info? Please Email
Guitar: fongsmusic@hotmail.com
Ukulele: garcia.moana@gmail.com